About iCandy
ICandy was created by me, Candy Mefferd, Vape Vixen of Oct, 2015 and Vi E-Cig & Vape Lounge Vape store owner. I'm the owner of three Vape stores located in Sioux City Iowa, Vermillion South Dakota, and Omaha Nebraksa. We get juice samples sent to our stores all the time, and while some of them are really awesome, others? Well... not so much. That's when it hit me: after having sifted through hundreds of different flavors, I decided to simply create my own flavors based on what I hear the public asking for everyday.
    Owning vape stores has set the level pretty high for who I would allow to produce my juice line, and how I would allow it to be produced. ICandy Juice is made in a sterile ISO clean room, with only the highest quality of flavors and ingredients. .Naturally, I was also very picky about the flavors. My employees, customers, family, friends, and I tested many different flavors and variations of these flavors before I put my name on the final bottles of ICandy. Finally, they are available to you, the public. Introducing ICandy ejuice, for those who accept nothing less than the best of the best.

​                  <3 Candy